real clouds
Free webpage and banner template with moving background

Moving Clouds for webpage background

If you have a website check this banner.

Do a right click to stop the clouds.


sites with moving
web background

Clouds Backgrounds to animate Moving Clouds in the Sky
Free JavaScript and templates

Moving banner background template

Moving background webpage template
More free templates
Moving Place background
Moving City background

Get the Script tutorial

More clouds backgrounds backgrounds

Not animated Graphics

Animated Graphics

Abstract Art Graphics

3d backgrounds

If you need help to implement "moving clouds" click here.
Use this graphic to link to Google+

Click on the image you like and it will open in a pop up window in the original size, right click on it and click "save picture as" to saved in your pictures folder.


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Download templates and instructions for "Moving clouds"


Moving clouds,  to move the webpage background, These moving clouds Backgrounds can be animated background to use in your web pages and also for the banners backgrounds; Download the "Zip" with a webpage template with the background moving, a banner template with the background moving and instructions
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Hallucinated graphics
Sky backgrounds
You have to check these 4Ds colorful images from the unknown dimension!
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