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(If has already a link to your web site, you don't need to fill up this form, just get the code link to put it in your web site.)

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Free Webgraphics for your website

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Great Fractal Backgrounds, Wallpaper, Bar-Lines and secret tutorials for web pages.



Rules on linking to

We appreciate your intention of linking to

Please Read before you link to: or ask for reciprocal link.

We don't link to FFA's, SEO's, Banner exchange farms or "you send me 1 hit I send you 2", get rich, surfing or clicking in the net, chain letters, Websites that sends spam, Make money from Home,  gambling, web sites with lots of popup windows, sites that redirect to another sites, sites with indecent or questionable content,
Websites with Dynamically generated links page, websites that have their links page in a different domain website or there is not direct link from the home page to the links page
Websites where the reciprocal link back to MasterDiz in a 3rd link level from the home page.
Websites that the home page and the page where the reciprocal link is, do not have the "robots meta tags (<meta name="robots" content="INDEX,FOLLOW,ALL">)"

Websites that don't reciprocate search engine rank and popularity and are not indexed, those links will be remove.

If you see in this web site that there is a link to a website with a questionable content,
  send us a note and that link will be remove immediately.

In order to provide a return link, your website must offer useful content to visitors from this site. Therefore the theme of your web site should be broadly related to ours. Also, your links page must be directly linked from your home page and should have a reasonable Google Page Rank.



1.- Add a Link to on your web site first.

2.- Make sure the link to is a direct link - we do not accept redirects

3.- Make sure is added to a quality page - we do not accept links on spam pages that are deep inside the site and/or have tons of out-going links. But we prefer the link to to be added to a well ranked and indexed page that is no more than one click away from the index page.

4.- We reserve the right to decline any reciprocal link request, if we feel it is not appropriate for web site and/or does not meet our guidelines: e.g. link to added to low quality page, your link has a spamming title/description overloaded with keywords, too many capital letters in your site title/description, etc.

5.- Please use any of the following linking codes. It is absolutely REQUIRED: