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Web Design Services.

 Custom design.
If you already have in mind the way you want your website to look, function and behave, we will design it following your specifications, to your satisfaction.

Exclusivity in Design.
Our designs are not based on templates or gallery samples but based on what is needed to fulfill its purposes and focus it to the targeted audience on the web, resulting in an exclusive design,  not just a copy of another site.

Enhanced interactive functionality.
Colors, sound, animation, music and  video are factors that make visitors return.   And even more so when they can check their e-mails, weather reports, or  News on your web site. for a new or existing web site.

Upgrade an existing website.
Adding more sections,  pages, applications or enhancement to an existing website changing its appearance will make the website  grow up in number of pages,  search engine rank and a higher number  of visitors.

Web Site Maintenance Services.

A tune up.
Web pages need to be maintained every so often to keep its functionality 100%, Obsolete meta tags. broken links, images and error codes reports can make the website  look like a junk yard full of scrap, losing search engine rank, popularity and visitors.

Updating web pages.
 Removing obsolete information & images and uploading fresh files for the new or current presentation, keeping the web site running with its content updated and visitors coming back.

Web site make up.
Changing the appearance or skin of the web pages will not affect the functionality of the web site and will make visitors feel more   comfortable with its new look.

Periodic maintenance routine.
Because of the web site's being on line, its functionality depends also on other websites online that in one way or another are interconnected with yours, when something goes wrong with them, it starts being reflected in yours like a dominos effect, immediately changes will be required to keep its functionality.

Search Engine Optimization Services.

  Before a website is submitted to the mayor search engines in order to appear in their search results, the web pages need to be optimized and prepared to receive their "Robots" (virtual programs that take note of the content of all the web pages in the website).

Using the search engines to search for a website with determinate content, a keyword is submitted and the result of the search is a list of some millions of websites with content related to the submitted keyword and all of those websites are competing to appear  in the first and second page of the search results and only those websites in the first and second page are the ones that receive all the flow of the traffic.

The main section of is dedicated to:   Free Webmaster Resources   and if you search at Google for that term, the search result is about 15,000,000 websites related to that term and appears in the first page, but if you search for the term:    Cool 3d web backgrounds
the result is a list of  About 110,000,000 websites related to that term and appears in the first and second position and if you click the plus sign to expand the list, occupies almost the whole first results page.

To get on the front of millions of websites requires a lot of knowledge and we have it.

At we have the experience of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Marketing Services.

  When you open a website to present what you are offering, you want to be visible on the web, the more visible you are the more visitors traffic you will have .

The visibility of your presence on the web depends on advertising and all this is done in steps,  one by one.
First you have to be visible in the search engines (first and second page of search results), it is not easy because thousands of websites compete to be there, you have to hire an expert "SEO" (Search engine optimizer) to get there.

If you want  more traffic,  you have to buy it (pay per click or pay every time any one sees your banner), but the best is pay per sale and this is done when a visitor to a website, advertising your merchandize buys something, you pay a commission to the owner of that website. Also there are affiliated companies who will promote your website or your merchandize. The most appropriated system is the one that is more convenient for you.

At we know how to handle that.

Other internet Services.

  To be the owner of a website implies some knowledge to be able to handle the site correctly. For that you need to be a webmaster; you have to know how to protect it against intruders and hackers, how to stop spy robots from digging into your web files, how to protect your e-mail addresses from spamming  robots.  You don't want to see a copy of your website in other domains collecting money for the stuff that you are selling (they get the money and you get the problems); At we do know some tricks to stop that.

The webmaster of a website is the one who uploads the new web files to the server and inserts them into  the correspondent web pages, the Webmaster has to have knowledge  of the different programming languages used in the website to be able to fix corrupted web pages. If you are running a website and you don't have the knowledge of a webmaster, it's like flying an airplane without being a pilot. Airplanes crash so websites also crash and they have to be rebuilt .
If you are not a webmaster then you need a webmaster to drive your website.

The administrator of a "web domain" is in charge of the console of the web site, He does the setup and the configuration for the programs running  the website.  He handles security issues and also manages e-mail boxes designating the user Id's and passwords.

 When the webmaster needs a new configuration for the website, he asks  the administrator for it.

At  we can handle it.

Since  2002 has been an important  presence  online,  designing websites and giving help and support to thousands of webmasters around the world.
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