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The Secrets of MasterDiz.

To be a webmaster is not only to know how to design webpages, to upload to the server, and submit to the search engines; That any one can do it, but to make your web pages to be in the top 10 in the search engines, only the professional knows how to do that, if your web site is in the top 10 the traffic will be huge and this is the Secret.

To make the webrobots of the major search engines to visit your web site:
A lot of "Webmasters" believe that, submitting the WebPages to the major search engines they are going to be listed in those particular search engines, But it will take for ever for that to happen (two months to years "?")
The faster way to get listed is by interchanging links with high level rank web sites, sites that are in the top 10's.
These sites are visited often (about two times a month) by the major search engines webrobots and when they will see your link in there they will jump to your web site and to indexed in that particular search engine; Once your web site is indexed, the webrobots will be visiting your website often to check for any updates in it. SEE? "You don't need to be submitting you website to major search engines"
Once your Website is listed in one of the major S.E. in The rest of the major S.E. will be listed too. (ALL THIS IN JUST ABOUT TWO WEEKS)
BUT... If your web site is visited by the web robots and you don't have your pages fixed to receive them, they will go away with empty hands and your website will not be listed.

How to have your webpages ready to be visited by the web robots.


When a webrobot arrives to your website, the first thing it looks for is a for file call "robots.txt" and this is to see into what files or directories not to go into (like your cgi-bin), when it finds your html document it check for the meta tags in the <head> area, Tags that are required for them in order to be indexed;
This is a list of some of the most important meta tags:
1.- <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content=...>
2.- <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0">
3.- <title> </title>
4.- <meta name="description"...>
5.- <meta name="keywords" ...>
6.- <meta name="robots" content="index,follow,All">
7.- <meta name="revisit" content="10 days">


(1).- This tag indicates the type of content. (<content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">) and helps the webrobot to understand your page.

(2).- This tag indicates how the page was generated. (pages that are auto generated or dynamically generated are rejected by webrobots).

(3).- What ever you put in this tag will appear in the title bar of the window. the title has to be related to the content of the webpage.

(4).- Get the description out of the content of the webpage; If you put in this tag something is not in in the page, for a webrobot is SPAMMING, you webpage will be banned or not listed at all.

(5).- You have to measure the density of words in your page, select only the ones that have the correct density and are related to the content of your page and use them for keywords; If you put a keyword that has not density at all or exceeds the level of density, it is considerer spamming, your webpage will be banned or not listed at all.

(6).- This tag is to indicate to the webrobots to index and follow all the links in the web page, with out this tag the webrobots will not index any site of the links.

(7).- This meta tag is to indicate to some webrobots to comeback in determinate time to check for new updates in the page.

(8).- there are other meta tags for some webrobots to instruct them where and how to list you page like:

<meta name="Classification" content="internet resources">
<meta name="distribution" content="Global">
<meta name="rating" content="General">
<meta name="language" content="English">

And there are other meta tag for people to see like:

<META NAME="author" CONTENT="masterdiz">
<meta name="copyright" content="(C) Copyright 2003 ~">

But the most important are for the web robots.


Before any web robots visit your webpage, you have to be sure that your html document has no errors, no broken links and any images have an 'ALT=" " ' tag; If your html has errors, the web robots will not be able to understand your document and go away with empty hands.

If you use "frames" in your web site, you need to know the use of the <noframes> tag, web robots don't see the content in frames and the can get confuse and just go away; Learn more about frames and web robots

Almost ready

Put on top of the webpage (visible to visitors) the same words you did put in the "<title>" tag.
In the head area of the webpage (visible to visitors) put the same description you did put in the "description metatag" and also at the bottom of the page (some webrobots start analyzing the pages from the bottom others from the top)

The use of tools.

There is a tool call "Site checker" and it will help you to check your web page for errors, broken links, ALT=" " tags and to reduce the memory size of your images for the webpage to be loaded faster in the visitors computer; Try to fix all those errors and recheck the webpage again.
Once your page is free of errors, check the density of words used in the content of the html document (visible to visitors) and select words with the correct density and use them as keywords, You don't need to put 20 or 50 kewords in the metatag, just 5 to 15 will be ok, because as the keywords have the correct density, the web robots will take rest of the webpage (visible to visitors) as keywords, when someone type in the search box any words that appear in you webpage (not just in the keyword metatag) the page will be in list in that search. maybe top 400 or top 800 "?".
Your web page is ready to be visited by the webrobots.

How to get the rank to be in the top 20 or top 10.

once your webpage is indexed in the search engines, you have to work in getting link popularity and the way to do that faster is:
You don't need to be linking to every site on the net; Most of the major search engines like GOOGLE and YAHOO, rank the sites by the importance; if important sites (high rank sites) are linking to your site then your site become important too, but the content of these high rank sites have to be related to the content of your website if not then you don't get the same importance than them, if your site is related to boxes, link only to sites related to boxes, if your site is related to computer software, the link only to sites related to computer software; Be sure that the link back to your site is in first or second link level (Other levels don't get the same rank); Be sure that their links page is located in their website and not in a links hosting server; Be sure that their links page has the correct robot meta tags ( meta name="robots" content="index,follow,All" ) or your site will get no popularity from that particular website.
Once your website is linked to over 30 (+-) then You will be surprised appearing in the 10 top of the search engines list "!!!WOW!!!" "!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!" "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Do not expect this to happen in 3 days and be realistic, remember that web robots ( Google, Yahoo) will visit your website about two times a month and in every visit of them your site will be gaining more rank depending of the link popularity; A few visits of them and you will be TOP 1!!!!.
Once you are in the top the you star linking to websites that have low rank, you don't need any more to be linking with high rank sites because you will be pushing them up, when you are already on top you will need low rank sites to push you up (in exchange you will help them to be listed in major search engine) and once they are listed then is when they will be pushing you up and maintaining you in better position.

All these mind HIGH TRAFFIC.

How to measure your website ranking.

There is a GREAT ranking tool and it is the "google tool bar" and you can download it free from the google website

With this tool you can see the rank of every webpage you visit in the web and you will see how your website is getting little by little more and more rank.

Do not try to fool the webrobots playing tricks to get high rank or more traffic or your website will be BANNED.

You want high rank and more traffic, then do it Right.

To do all these, you need to learn, it take time but you will do it.

If you don't have time for all of this, then go with the Professionals and have it done just in few days but you are going to have to pay$



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