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Extraterrestrial Aliens

Aliens from the Astral plain.     By

Mars Pyramids and the "face"


Abstract Art in Fractals  


 Abstract Art

Surfing in the virtual "Cosmos" of fractals found all these creatures. Ads By

 For your knowledge.
And there are proofs that there was a constant connection between  the Americans of the pre-Columbian Era (North, Central and  South American Indigenas.) and the "Cosmos" as you can see it in the figure (below)


  Buho   Conquistador   Recondito   Crceas  
  son   horse   transe   on line  
  Pet   family   cordon   Cosmic police  
  Tired   Big being   Astral-ish   Bord  

In "Virtual places" like this one is where I take the screen shots.


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Hallucinated Graphics
All images here look just like Hallucinations!
A Place of Interest.

Inter-dimensional Star Ships.
Used to travel from one dimension into an other.

Artifacts found in other dimensions.
Now you know where all these thinks are coming from.

Astral symbology.
Found in other dimensions.

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