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We have been adding more new backgrounds to our collection and they are Free to go and can be use for personal or commercial use, If you like a graphic, it is free, take it with you But just do not link directly to it or this will happen to you. New Links






Pass the mouse cursor over the images to see how it looks as background in this web page,
Right Click on the image of your preference and "save as" in your hard drive
an upload it to your own server; All the graphics are Free to go and not to link directly to them. Read restrictions.









Mysteries of your computer.

Spyware Alert!!!

Why Your computer did Slow down?
Because there are Spies in your computer.

A friend of mine, a Webmaster with a high search engines Rank web site was telling me that his website was high jacked because when Hi was visiting his Own web site there were some Pop up windows some of them linking to 'Adult' web sites and he said that He never put any pop up windows in his web site -Arrrgh! My web site has been high jacked!!!- He did screamed! But also He did notice that his computer was running slow; He ran a antivirus program in his computer and found some "Worms" that were causing those windows to pop up; Then it was his computer and not his website generating those Pop up windows, He had "SPIES" in his computer, "SpyWare and AdWare", What are they? When you are surfing the net and go to those website who offer lots of "Goodies" free, Downloads to enhance your desktop, your emails, downloading music, movies, great free downloads that in other sites you have to PAY, Great Free services like "GET A MILLION VISITORS A DAY FREE", ffa's, adult websites, some Free STATS for your web sites and lots of free websites where you have to sign in and when you are trying, it say: -"WRONG PASSWORD TRY AGAIN" (I can't remember my old web stats password )- when you know you did enter the right password and user id and each time you are trying, you computer is downloading SpyWare and AdWare, Lots and modifying your computer configuration system to make your computer transmit all the information that is in your hard drive, redirecting your surfing to fake security web sites like fake ebay, Paypal, banks. telephone company, web sites where you make your payments or where you have accounts. When you go to any of these sites, you don't think it is a fake one, so you sign in with you password and user Id that are being recorded, some times you are asked to input again you account information like credit card information etc.
Lots of members at ebay their accounts have been high jacked.

-The "AdWare" in your computer- Advertisers pay lot of money advertising their web site, every time they get a visitor they have to pay to the one is sending that visitor; The adWare make your computer to visit lots and lots of web sites, and have lots of pop up windows. YOU AND YOUR COMPUTER are being used to make money and you don't know that. Be careful when opening attachments in your emails, using "Messengers", getting "Free" downloads, adult websites etc etc.
How can you keep your computer safe of all this "Trash"? Use a program that will warn you and stop your computer from downloading these "SpyWare and AdWare" (for the damage they cause to your computer's configuration system, they are considered computer virus)
Want to check if there is any spy living in your computer? If your computer is running slow, you can be sure there are spies living in your computer.
 and eliminate these freeloading computer ramsuckers!

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Backgrounds For your Web Six pages of backgrounds Get the color background that match your webpage, green backgrounds, Blue backgrounds, red backgrounds, plain back grounds, wood backgrouds, dark backgrounds, clear bacgrounds, all kind of backgrouds.
The Instructor, Backgrounds. Free backgrounds with Instructions easy to follow to put the backgrounds in to your webpages.
Easy Backgrounds Easy backgrounds to get for your webpage, green backgrounds, Blue backgrounds, red backgrounds, plain back grounds, wood backgrouds, dark backgrounds, clear bacgrounds, all kind of backgrouds.
Easy Graphics Presents: Free Nice and Cool Backgrounds for your web pages.
The Backgrounds Stuff: Different Backgrounds for web pages.
Animated backgrounds of the XXI Century: All these animated backgrounds were created by a great artist and some of his collections has been sold for big money, free animated backgrounds here.
Animations in backgrounds-Several pages of animated backgrounds for you to sellect for your web pages, nice backgrounds and all animated backgrounds you can use .
The Webmaster Animator: Lots of web pages full of Free Animated Backgrounds. "El Maestro del Web Animador" Muchas paginas llenas de Graficas de fondo animado para sus paginas de web Gratis!
The Animated Ground: Animated Backgrounds
Animated Dreams: Animated Dreams. Cool animated back grounds
The Straight Line: Free Graphic content for your website, Bars, Lines, Dividers. Gratis
The 3D Divission: Free Graphic content for your website, Bars, Lines, Dividers. Gratis.
Bars Just Bars
The Space Traveler: DeskTop WallPaper and BackGrounds"El Viajero Espacial", .bastante tapiz de pantalla acerca de Planetas, Galaxias y Estrellas, Pueden ser usadas como graficas de fondo o como Tapiz de pantalla.
The Extraterrestrial Master, Planets backgrounds: Mars backgrounds, jupiter backgrounds, venus backgrounds, Saturn backgrounds, Mercury Backgrounds, Neptune backgrounds, Uranus back grounds, Pluton back grounds, Earth backgrounds and all of them are free.
You can use them as background or wallpaper.
The Background Administrator: The Backgrounds and Desktop WallPaper Views from Out Space All these images can be used as backgrounds or as desktop wallpaper
Metal Place presents: Free acid Dip Backgrounds and textures for your 3d projects, graficas de fondo acidas y texturas para sus proyectos de 3D. Very cool site. Free Acid Dip Backgrounds that you can use also as texture.
Turbo Mechanic Web Tools: Free web tools on line, Keyword density analyzer, Html checker, Meta tags generator. broken link checker, Link popularity checker, Html cleaner, Web server configuration, Free search engine submissions.
Web Tools Herramienta gratis para checar paginas por errores, checar la dencidad de las palabras claves. checar las "Meta tags" Generar las meta tags para su sitio de web, comprimir las graficas en memoria y muchas herramientas mas.
The Extraterrestrial Master: "El Amo Extraterrestre", Vistas Espaciales, Tapiz de Pantalla y graficas de fondo.
Intergalactic traveler Backgrounds and Wallpaper: By Traveling in the Universe (the web) I found lots of Galaxies that can be used as backgrounds or wall papers. Click on the galaxy Icon.
Easy Backgrounds: Graphicas de fondo "Facil", Varias paginas llenas de graficas de fondo para sus paginas del web.
Search Engines of the World: A huge collection of collections of thousands of Search Engines from all around the World, regional search engines, mp3 search engines, meta search engines, major search engines, middle east search engines, asian search engines, american search engines, spanish search engines.
The Background Tool Guy: If you have a background web site and looking for a good tool to help you to display your backgrounds and wall papers, get your background display tool free. Check this website
Mysteries of the Universe: Free backgrounds and wallpapers about events of the universe, super novas backgrounds, misterious nebulas backgrounds, black holes back grounds, get the cool back grounds here. coming soon.
The Backgrounds and Wallpaper Adminitrator: Backgrounds and Wallpaper. "El administrador" de Tapiz de pantalla y Graficas de fondo.
Planet Earth Backgrounds: Earth seen from out space backgrounds, Regions of earth backgrounds, Cities seen from outspace backgrounds, Free. Coming soon
The Poppy Trick Scripts Dot Pop: How to create all kind of Pop up windows: Very easy as copy and paste, How to create a popup window when mouse goes over a link, a popup window when you click a link, a popup window when visitors leave the webpage, a flying popup window. Free scripts coming soon
Tricks on Scripts to Go: All those popular scripts like, snake following the cursor, an object that follows the cursor, a floating thing the goes all around the web page, We have them here and they are Free coming soon
Browser Manipulation Scripts: Usefull scripts for your web pages, Lock your visitors in your website Script, scroll bar on the left hand side Script, Change the colors of the scroll bars Script, keep your webpage maximized Script, make this website your home page Script, get reed of my web page Script and all are Free scripts.
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Here you get the fastest-loading graphics in the world -- 11,000 free backgrounds for web and email, animated backgrounds, animated banners, animated buttons, wallpapers, transparent GIF, 3D, and quality links to marvelous graphics by established artists.
Light-Speed-Web-Graphics: Here you get the fastest-loading graphics in the world -- 11,000 free backgrounds for web and email, animated backgrounds, animated banners, animated buttons, wallpapers, transparent GIF, 3D, and quality links to marvelous graphics by established artists. Mas de 11,000 Graficas de fondo Gratis para tu pagina de web y correo, Graficas de fondo animadas, Banderines, botones, Tapiz de pantalla, Gifs transparentes y de 3D.

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