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How to upload your web pages to your web server.

There are different ways to upload your files or web pages to your server, one of them is using a program call "FTP" or "File Transfer Protocol".
In this tutorial we are using "WS_FTP LE"


Get your ftp Free.


Session Properties.

When you run the "FTP" program, this window will appear and you have to fill up the fields with the following information:

      Click on the New button.

  • Profile name. Any name.
  • Host_name. The address of your server.
  • Host_type. Automatic detect.
  • User ID. Your user id.
  • Password. Your password.
  • Account. Leave it blank.
  • Comment. Leave it blank.
  • Save Pwd. Put a check mark.

       Click on the ok or aceptar button.

Once you did finish with the session properties, there will be an other window and it is to upload the files to the server.
It is very easy, just follow the following steps. 


This windows is divided into two areas, one on the left and it is to show the files that you have in your computer and also it has some buttons with commands that will help you to do some manipulation like to change of directory, make a new directory or a folder, to view a file, to rename a file or directory, to delete a file, to refresh the content, etc.
On the right area, is to show directories (folders) and files that you have already on your server and also the same buttons that will help you to manipulate your files in your server;
In the center of the window ther are two buttons with arrows, one pointing to the left and other pointing to the right, the one pointing to the left is to transfer files from your server to your computer (this is call "download") and the one pointing to the right is to transfer files from your computer to your server (this is call "upload")

Steps to follow.

  • Click on the "connect" button to start the program.
  • On the left area of the "FTP", look for the file you want to "upload" and do one click on it, it will hight light green (look at the blue arrow).
  • Click on the arrow pointing to the right (look at the red arrow) to upload that file.
  • After few seconds (depending the size of the file), it will appear on the right area (look at the yellow arrow), That minds your file it is already on your server.
  • Click on the "exit" button to end the program.

      In this case the url of this file will be:
      in other words:


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