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  Abstract Art
Even thou these images were created with a program that manipulates  the Benoit Mandelbrot 's mathematical formula of. "z ? z2 + c."; they attract your attention because there is some kind of relation that identify the humans with it (Quantum Cosmos, numbers and all that deep stuff ) .


In my surfing for fractal images at Google, I can't find the type of fractals I am presenting here; All I found there, were the spiral type like the one at the bottom.

All these graphics are free, save them in your computer, use them in your web pages as background or logos, banners, change the color, size, shape to feed your needs

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  Red Splendor   Hips   Split Tongue   Super That  
  Trapped   Album   Yhere   Thereon  
  BAD DAB?   Burn   red eyes   Cosmic Necklace  
  Tired   Big spider   fur ris   the bord  

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Aliens from other dimensions.
In some of this images you will find resemble to some gods of the antique cultures.
A Place of Interest.

Inter-dimensional Star Ships.
Used to travel from one dimension into an other.

Art found in other dimensions.
Now you know where all these thinks are coming from.

Astral symbology.
Found in other dimensions.

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