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The Great Hallucination


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time traveler belt
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There are some images that you just wonder how is possible that just from a small equation can come out with stricken results, like some that are presented in this section 

Each image is an Invitation to analysis and a ticket to "Deep Meditation"



  Thumbs up   Fat Bat   Walking by   Those eyes  
  Light eruption   In trance   It was there   The one  
  the what?   the ring   Tripe's out   CosmicHelmet  
  His place   Big Bang   Ship   the gate  

Benoit Mandelbrot is a  mathematician best known as the father of fractal geometry. In addition to coining the term "fractal" to describe objects and surfaces which are irregular at various dimensions of scale, he also introduced such concepts as "fractal dimensions" and the particular fractal known as the Mandelbrot set, frequently represented with the mathematical formula z ? z2 + c.

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Aliens from other dimensions.

In some of this images you will find resemble to some gods of the antique cultures.
A Place of Interest.

Inter-dimensional Star Ships.

Used to travel from one dimension into an other.

Artifacts found in other dimensions.

Now you know where all these thinks are coming from.

Astral Symbology.

Found in other dimensions.

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