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Flip your webpage upside down

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Copy and paste this script between the <head>and</head> Tags.

<script language=javaScript>
<!-- Beginning of JavaScript -

function flipVertical() {
if(document.all) {"flipV()"
var timer=setTimeout("flipHori()",3000)

function flipHori() {"flipH()"
var timer=setTimeout("flipRestore()",3000)

function flipRestore() {

// - End of JavaScript - -->

Copy and paste this 2nd part between the <body>and </body> tags

<div id="mainbody" style="position:absolute; visibility:visible">
<table cellpadding=7>
<td colspan=3 align=center height=100><font size=2 face="Verdana"><b><a href="#" onMouseOver="flipVertical()"> Pass your mouse over this link </A></B></font></td>


Notice that what ever you put between the <table>and </table> tags is what will flip over.